Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Never though of yourself as a runner? Think again!

Can you think of a million other things you would rather do than go for a jog? Or don't consider yourself a runner? Well you're in luck! Anyone can complete a marathon, with the proper training. Alright, a marathon may seem a little unrealistic for most at this moment, so where do we begin? With this Couch to 5k training schedule we can turn you into a runner in no time! Most people get discouraged from running when they start out too fast, or don't set realistic goals. Simply start out with just 20-30 minutes of jogging and walking a few times a week.

This program has been generated for beginners, try to not get impatient or jump ahead in the program. If you follow this 9 week workout plan you will be ready for your first 5k run!!

Click here for the complete 9 week schedule and more information from

After you complete these 9 weeks your going to love running and wonder why you didn't get started years ago!  If you would like more running tips or some motivation feel free to contact our Fitness Director, Stefanie Ash, at 360-336-9622 or