Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Study Finds Technology, Time, Money is Challenge for Families

The in a study recently commissioned by the YMCA, more than 1,600 parents across the nation were surveyed to determine what their actual health habits were. One of they key findings of the study was that parents are having trouble getting their children healthy because of technology, time and money.

Much of it comes down to parents needing to lead the kind of lifestyle they want their children to lead. Are you one of the 42% of parents who said technology (television, games, cell phones) distracts their children? You cannot simply place blame on the kids, however, because 53% parents said the opt to spend their leisure time with their children on the computer playing computer games. Can we expect our children to lead healthier lives than their parents?

Perhaps you can relate to the 38% of parents who said they feel extracurricular activities are too expensive and the 38% of parents who feel there just is not enough time in the day to achieve a healthy lifestyle for their children.

At the Y, we understand the challenges parents face as they try to make their families healthier, so we try to make it easier for everyone. Our activities are fun and exciting enough that many kids would rather participate in them than play video games. Our prices our low enough that most families can afford to participate, but for those who cannot, they can take advantage of our scholarship program; no one is turned away because of an inability to pay. We offer activities at a variety of times to fit with any schedule. But more than scheduled activities, we offer resources, ideas and information that you can apply at home to make your family the healthiest it can be on your schedule.

For more information about how the Y can impact your family, go to www.skagitymca.org or www.ymca.net.

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